Residents are invited to celebrate mass each morning with the Carmelite Sister community.

Breakfast with a cup of Joe or your favorite beverage

A time to share about family and friends. Gathering at table is a major part of the formation. Being able to socialize with friends and community and build relationships is an important part of the Carmelite family.

The Formation/Enrichment Center

Being able to make your own choices and freedom to decide what to do each day is part of the formation/enrichment program. Choices may be: reading class, computer lab, music and art appreciation. Creativity is highly encouraged with each person to reach their gifts and talents.Various enrichment opportunities can be selected for the month and customized formational opportunities are outlined for each individual.


Before the evening dinner begins the women are invited to prayer and rosary with the Carmelite Sisters.


The dinner meal is served family style and encourages the woman to share and talk about “How did your day go”.

Evening Activities

After the family meal there are choices of different activities that will take place……it may be a stroll downtown, family games and puzzles, or watching a favorite movie with refreshments and popcorn. There are also opportunities for cleaning your suite and laundry nights.