The Carmelite Ministry of St Teresa understands that everyone who comes to our community wants to stay as independent as possible. And we agree. Our approach is to work with each woman that lives here to identify the best formation and service match to preserve their independence. We will customize a set of goals that will meet specific needs. Some formation opportunities simply make life more convenient, others can help improve their health, socialization, and creativity.

The context for this engagement is the family atmosphere at Carmelite Ministry of St. Teresa. Family gatherings and events are an important part of what we are about and the ways we are service to others.

The Formation and Enrichment Program is organized on the three pillars of holistic formation of the person: human development emotionally and socially, intellectual development, and spiritual development.


  • Carmelite Charism: Keeping God at the Heart of all we do- See God in All, Serve God in All, Love God in All.
  • Discipleship and Joyful Service: Recognizing the call to meet the needs of our sisters and brothers through humble service.
  • Hospitality and Kindness: Treating each person with love and respect.
  • Human Dignity: Valuing the talents and gifts of each person.
  • Empowerment: Each person has the capacity to be empowered to grow to their potential.

The Formation and Enrichment Center

All of us want to enjoy a good and enriching life.

That’s what the Carmelite Ministry of St. Teresa Formation and Enrichment Center is all about—-empowering adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, live with dignity and have choices in how they fulfill their lives.

We live out our mission by offering a variety of experiences where each individual is encouraged to try new endeavors, discover new potentials and find increased self confidence in social, educational, religious and volunteer opportunities which enhanced lifelong learning.

See what daily life is like for our residents.