Our Mission

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The Mission of the Carmelite Ministry of St. Teresa is to provide a Carmelite inspired formation/enrichment program for women with intellectual and developmental disabilities where they can live and mature in their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.

The formation and enrichment program will serve not only the 15 women who will live in the newly constructed individual apartments, but hundreds of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the community who will participate and join them for their holistic growth. An adjacent building & gym will be redesigned to accommodate the development of the formation and enrichment program.

The Need

The Carmelite Sisters DCJ thru the new Apostolate – The Carmelite Ministry of St. Teresa – chose God’s calling to answer the following concerns of the parents with special needs children:

“We are getting up in age and we must find a home where our special needs daughter will be safe & happy.”

“We have found that there are many good state-funded group homes offering care and services for the developmentally disabled, yet many lack a caring, family environment.”

“Our daughter has the capacity to grow in every way, but so often she is placed in front of a TV all day.”

“Our daughter is a very spiritual person who could benefit tremendously by living with a faith community.”

Group of Residents

Help us build a new home

Your donations go towards building the new apartments and formation center.

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